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Mentor Wise is a London-based organisation dedicated to support youth in Britain with particular focus on Muslim minority groups. To do this, Mentor Wise brings together inspired and trained mentors to the service of its mentees and their families. Through mentoring, Mentor Wise aims to support the youth to fulfil their potential and opportunities thus building their confidence and identity as contributing members of their community.

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Youth Committee Application form

Hello! Thank you for considering joining the youth committee. We need more enthusiastic and able volunteers like yourself to launch exciting projects to enrich the mentoring scheme of Mentor Wise, and continue acting as a bridge between mentees and supervisors for the foreseeable future.

In case you need to refresh your memory, the objectives of the YC are as follows:
1) To be the outward representatives of Mentor Wise
2) To reach out to local authorities and youth charities to discuss and market Mentor Wise
3) To establish new strands of service and expansion
4) To establish an efficient and functioning institution that has potential for growth
5) To bridge mentees and Mentor Wise, produce surveys and reports
6) To enrich the mentoring service by creating new projects

In order to obtain objective no. 6, we need YOU and your brilliant ideas. Please take a few minutes to think about the below questions and introduce yourself to us by Sunday 12th July…
The current YC


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