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Events and activities

MANCHESTER Weekend School Mentee Registration form

Key Stage 3: £50 per calendar month, 2 Kids from same family £70, 3 Kids £80

Key Stage 4: £80 per calendar month. There is no discount for Key Stage 4 students.

Please Note

Payments are expected to start on 15th September 2023 and continue on 15th for the next ten months.

Odeme takvimi Eylul 15 2023 ile baslayip her ayin 15’ini takip ederek muhasebelestirilmektedir, toplamda 10 ay odeme olacaktır.

(Odemelerin hepsini pesin yapan velilerimize %10 indirim uygulanacaktır)

Events and activities

Father & Son Bowling Tournament

MW South England branch organised a father & son bowling tournament. The participants enjoyed the competitive game, shared laughter with each other and created a special time.

Events and activities

Walk 4 Water

Walk 4 Water is an annual event organised by our sister organisation Time to Help UK to raise awareness of water scarcity. On average, women and girls in developing countries walk 6 kilometres (approximately 3.5 miles) a day, carrying 20 litres (about 42 pounds/20 kgs) of water. It is common for this journey to take more than 15 hours a week in some areas.

Our supervisor from Reading joined the walk with his four mentees to draw the attention of young people.


The Walk 4 Water program was a very eye-opening experience that I recommend anyone to do. It widened my perspective on how other people around the world have to live daily and made me appreciate all the things I have easily available.
Events and activities

Trip to Egypt

2022 has been an incredible year in which different locations and cultures opened the doors for our mentees and mentors! MW supervisor from Reading organised a three-week educational trip for our uni mentee to Egypt. The purpose of the trip was to learn and develop reading the Quran and the Arabic language. Our supervisor joined the mentee in the last two days and travelled around Egypt’s historical and cultural sites.


The relatively short trip to Egypt was a real eye-opener and a step into the shallow end of one small part of the world whose reality is not correctly understood. The truth is similar in many other parts of the world, and some bad aspects are even worse in those other parts. Exposure to a different world and way of life is the biggest take from the trip, and this can only be adequately understood with correct observation through experience. In relation, of course, is the great benefit of being in a school with native Arab speakers who have studied and understand the language very well. There are also students from over 70 countries who attend the school, so the experience of meeting such people, even if only a little, is excellent learning.
Events and activities

A day out to Thorpe Park

Last Sunday, the 11th of September, our supervisors organised an activity trip to Thorpe Park. Ten male- seven female mentees from Reading, Oxford, and Swindon joined the activity. Starting the academic year with an exciting trip has motivated the mentees and made them eager to join the following mentoring events.

Events and activities

Mentor Wise at Reading Rockets game

On the 4th of September 2022, our mentees, parents, and volunteers from Reading supported the Basketball Club Reading Rockets against Team USA. Our beneficiaries had a thrilling time!

Events and activities

Summer retreat 2022

Our supervisor has organised two retreats for KS3-UNI mentees. 

1) Ten-day Balkan retreat with six KS5-UNI mentees 

  • Eid prayers in Tirana square
  • Eid event
  • Visit premises
  • Seminars from guest speakers
  • Trips: Tirana, Shkodra, Berat, Durres, Kosovo, and Montenegro.
  • Spriritual activities
  • Book club
  • Watching video time

2) Residential trip for 11 KS3-KS4 mentees in Taunton.

  • Book club
  • Watching video time 
  • Question and answers session

*In total, 41 books have been read by 11 mentees. 

Events and activities

Teaching Vacancy