Mentoring Types

Value Based Mentoring

Values are key to the way we think, act and interact with others. Often, we grow up not appreciating the values that we have learned from our family, community and wider society. The values we adopt can determine the way we choose to lead our lives. Sometimes people can experience a clash of values, or experience what is often called an ‘identity crisis’. Therefore, it is vital to learn to appreciate what values are, how they impact upon our lives and, most importantly, how one can navigate between different sets of values originating from different cultural backgrounds or religions.

Ironically, learning about values in itself requires certain values such as tolerance, empathy and awareness. This form of mentoring focuses on instilling ‘key values’ that will enable the mentee to develop greater emotional intelligence and derive the best out of life without being inhibited by fear and internal conflict. Those key values include: care, compassion, empathy, social responsibility, awareness, self-reflection, self-reflexitivity, positivity, and others. These values are instilled through exposure to role-models and different social and cultural environments as well as a range of reflective-discussions and projects.

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Value Based