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Events and activities

Summer retreat 2022

Our supervisor has organised two retreats for KS3-UNI mentees. 

1) Ten-day Balkan retreat with six KS5-UNI mentees 

  • Eid prayers in Tirana square
  • Eid event
  • Visit premises
  • Seminars from guest speakers
  • Trips: Tirana, Shkodra, Berat, Durres, Kosovo, and Montenegro.
  • Spriritual activities
  • Book club
  • Watching video time

2) Residential trip for 11 KS3-KS4 mentees in Taunton.

  • Book club
  • Watching video time 
  • Question and answers session

*In total, 41 books have been read by 11 mentees. 

Events and activities

Teaching Vacancy

Events and activities

Eid – al Fitr Celebration

Mentor Wise Reading branch visited Legoland to celebrate Eid-al Fitr. Twenty-eight mentees attended with their parents, and in total, we were 40 people. Our mentees had a great time with their friends and embraced the eid celebration.

Events and activities

The Ramadan Challenge

Our supervisor from Reading organised a challenge during the holy month of Ramadan. It encouraged mentees to increase their spirituality and improve their mental health. 

  • 7 mentees received a Gold award. 
  • 1 mentee received a Silver award.
  • 1 mentee received a Bronz award. 

Mentor Wise congratulate the mentees who participated in the challenge!

Events and activities

Mentor Wise hosted Enes Kanter Freedom at a community iftar.

Friday 8th April 2022, Mentor Wise hosted Enes Kanter Freedom at a community iftar in partnership with Fellowship Education Society.

Enes arrived in Europe to receive the 2022 Geneva Summit Courage Award for standing out against human rights violations by China. During his England trip, Mentor Wise and FES invited Enes Kanter Freedom to community iftar. Roughly 100 people attended the event, and our mentees had the chance to meet the NBA star and ask questions about activism and his career. It was an incredible experience for the community and the mentees!