Spiritual support for our mentees

We are currently providing weekly mentoring sessions to our mentees. All mentors follow the curriculum prepared by supervisors to make sure that we teach them the right topic for their age group. All mentors have a weekly meeting with their supervisor to follow up on the agenda and study the topic to improve their mentoring. Our supervisors organize retreats three times a year for all mentees and mentors. We rent a holiday home and gather everyone region by region to have fun times and focus on spiritual activities.

We gather everyone because it is more effective spiritually to do something together than at home alone.

Because we are in a national lockdown, we cannot come together physically. Therefore, we organize virtual retreats. In online retreats, we arrange meetings through online platforms and provide activities that everyone can join to have fun. In every retreat, we spend some budget to get prizes to provoke the mentees.

All our mentors and supervisors spend hours preparing before they start the meeting to fill the gaps about the topics they are going to teach. Lastly, our supervisors organize spiritual seminars to increase mentees and mentors.

The purpose is to answer the questions they have on their back of mind and support them spiritually.


Mentor Wise


Every Monday 19:00




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