Academic Support for our mentees

We are currently providing free study sessions for GCSE and A-Level subjects. For GCSE, our academic mentoring team arranges Science and Maths sessions for those who need help in their study. Our A-level mentees receive support for Chemistry. We have a high number of mentees from disadvantaged backgrounds who cannot afford private tuition. Our team recruited six academic mentors to provide private online sessions to KS4 and KS5 mentees, and each mentee will have up to 5 hours with the mentors to catch up with their revisions. In addition, we organize seminars and meetings for our mentees and mentors to support them through their education. For GCSE students, we provide seminars and meetings to ask questions and learn from an experienced mentor through this process. 



With this support, our mentees can learn what options they have after GCSE exams and how they should prepare themselves for getting into college/sixth forms. For A-Level students, we have supervisors who can guide them through their personal statement and university selection to choose the best option for themselves.


March 27, 2021




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